How to use for sea, river, mountain weather forecast

How to use for sea, river, mountain weather forecast English

What is weather App Windy for  fishing,diving,surfing ?

In Outdoor Sports climber, fishing, surfing, diving, etc., the most important thing is the weather.

Climbing and fishing in  strong rain and strong  wind can lead to accidents and slips.

Therefore, it is necessary to check the weather map released by the approved  Meteorological Agency in advance.
However, we know the area  weather, but not the point weather in sea, river, mountain .

So  we recommend
You can see the weather for each point of the sea, mountains, and rivers at a glance.

Compare Best Weather Apps for 2023 in USA

You can’t control whether the sun is shining, the rain is pouring, or the wind is howling, but these useful Android and iOS apps can help you prepare for Mother Nature’s many faces.

You need an outdoor weather forecast app to check sudden weather changes, cumulative rainfall, snowfall, etc.

climber, fishing, surfing, diving

Useful weather forecast web&apps for climbing, fishing, surfing, diving to collect information are below.

①Yahoo Weather
③Carrot Weather
④The Weather Channel

Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather is a high-quality weather app that,  offers all of its features for free with no in-app purchases or subscriptions. Users can view accurate hourly, five-day, and 10-day forecasts and details about wind, pressure, and chance of precipitation. The app features animated sunrise, sunset, wind, and pressure modules, and users can browse interactive maps and radar data for more in-depth weather analysis. You can add multiple cities to your account, and you can set up notifications to receive important weather alerts. Yahoo Weather also includes air quality information .

Yahoo Weather


AccuWeather is the app to turn to for hyperlocal forecasts that help you drill down to get the information you need. The app’s daily forecasts pack in everything from rain probability to air quality, wind, cloud coverage and UV index. Live radar lets you track storms, snow, ice and temperature changes.

AccuWeather is a free download, but there are now multiple paid tiers. For 99 cents a month, you can remove ads; Premium Plus costs $1.99 per month and adds an alerts feature.


Carrot Weather (Android, iOS: Free)

Carrot Weather takes a unique approach by delivering the weather in a fun and lighthearted way. Carrot Weather offers a number of one-of-a-kind features, including the option for users to film their own weather report videos. You can also follow clues in the app to discover 90+ secret locations and unlock 60+ achievements.

Carrot Weather

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel is our pick for the best weather app available thanks to its accurate forecasts and wide range of user-friendly features. Users can use the app to view local hourly, daily, and weekly forecasts. With a subscription, you can even view 15-minute forecasts to plan your day with more certainty. The Weather Channel also stands out due to its various high-quality widgets.

The Weather Channel

A weather app based on multiple European weather forecast models, known for its highly accurate forecasts. It is possible to intuitively grasp detailed information according to the application, such as precipitation amount, temperature, and wind speed of the selected point.

windy com



What is windy app?

Currently, “Windy” is the No. 1 weather app that is popular for fishing, surfing, diving, and mountaineering.

Sometimes, the best way to understand the weather around you is to see it visualized on your phone screen. That’s what Windy offers with detailed maps that let you watch the weather forecast unfold in front of you.

Windy excels at wind patterns, of course, but the app has 40-plus maps available showing temperature, humidity and more. You’ve also got satellite and Doppler info at your fingertips, plus a hurricane tracking feature that comes in handy during storm season.

Windy is a Czech company providing interactive weather forecasting services worldwide.

The portal was founded by Ivo Lukačovič in November 2014. Initially, the portal focused on wind animation, currently there are other basic meteorological parameters such as temperature, pressure, relative humidity, cloud base and additional panels with more advanced data.

Windy also has a website as well as a free app available for iPhone and Android.   Web version

The web version of, you can visually grasp the weather forecast around the world from this site.

WEB version:

When you want to check the weather information at home, this web version is convenient because you can see it on the large screen of your PC monitor.  Mobile app version

The Windy app is compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphones.

Please install the Windy app from the App Store or Google Play.

The monitor screen is small, but the functions are the same as the web version, which is convenient when moving.


Why is “Windy” so popular? was created as a weather app for hobbyist  anglers, surfers, divers and other outdoor sports who need to accurately predict changing weather conditions.

But over time, this app has become essential for the jobs of those who rely on accurate weather forecasts, such as farmers, fishermen, sailors, aviators and firefighters.

① Windy covers weather information from all over the world. (42 countries translation available)

②You can grasp the pinpoint weather information of the place you need.

③Visualize weather data by color and understand at a glance.

④Windy is a non-profit service organization and is free to use.

Why is "Windy" so popular?

Install app

For iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, download “” from the App Store below. アプリ   iPhone、iPad、iPod touch

For android, download “” from google play below. アプリ  アンドロイド

Important: Points to note when installing the Windy app! !

If you search for Windy apps, you will find two.

( and (

The original is, please install it correctly

( and ( Difference between free version and Premium (paid version)

The difference between Free and Premium (paid version) is as follows.

The paid version allows you to see hourly forecasts, and the frequency of updates is high, so you can get more accurate information in terms of information accuracy. The free version cannot be used for commercial purposes.

Item Free Premium
information density 3 hour forecast High resolution hourly forecast
update frequency Standard data, updated twice daily Highly accurate data, updated 4 times a day
Speed standard delivery High quality network for fast data delivery
commercial use disuse Usable
support No technical support High quality support during business hours
advertisement Targeted advertising from 2021 no ads

Current price (November 16, 2022)

Prices fluctuate due to exchange rates, etc. Please click below for the latest prices. Difference between free version and Premium (paid version) Basic usage Mobile version & PC version

We will explain how to log in and register, other languages, unit settings and basic operations.

The basic operation is the same for both the mobile version and the PC version. login/registration

If you log in and register your e-mail address and password, you can use expert mode and further improve the functions, so we recommend registering. login/registration

Main button explanation

To select the screen you want to display, press the “Home”, “Weather Radar &Satellite”, “Menu”, “Search Location”, and “Profile” buttons on the right.

Main button explanation

Display contents of the weather forecast for your current location

When you press the home button, the weather for the next three days will be displayed at your current location.

Temperature (°C), wind force, wind direction, and weather are displayed at the top.

*The initial setting is GPS-Use for the location in the startup setting.

The weather for the next 10 days is displayed at the bottom.

You can check detailed information by clicking the orange part and moving it to the day of the week you want to see.

Display contents of the weather forecast for your current location


You can also display the weather forecast by entering the address of the place you want to know in the search window.

In that case, the name of the mountain and the name of the fishing port can also be displayed.

Display contents of the weather forecast for your current location


If you press and hold (or right-click on a PC) any place on the map, a menu like the picture below will appear, so you can also press “Forecast for this position” to display the weather forecast.

Windy   weather picker

“Weather picker” displays the forecast of the selected layer at an arbitrary point as a numerical value.

For example, if the wind layer is selected, the wind speed and wind direction values will be displayed.

In the case of the PC version, the picker can be displayed by right-clicking anywhere and selecting “Show weather picker”, and in the mobile version, long-pressing any position.

In the case of the PC version, You can move the location by moving the mouse pointer near the weather picker and dragging it when it becomes an up/down/left/right arrow icon.

In the mobile version, you can move the location by moving the mouse pointer to the weather picker arrow and dragging.

Also, you need to display the “weather picker” to register your favorite locations.


Display operation of weather forecast on smartphone screen

How to zoom in on the screen

Move two fingers apart and perform the operation “pinch out” (pinch-out, pinch-open) to widen the gap.



How to zoom out  the screen of a smartphone

“Pinch-in” (pinch-close) is performed by pinching two fingers together to narrow the gap.


Pinch-in app English localization

To change the display of windy to English, follow the steps below.

①Press Menu.

②Press Settings.

③ Press Language automatic and select English. How to set the unit

You can change the units of various weather forecasts.

①menu button  ⇒  Select settings

②Set the unit of weather information.

③In the United States, MPH (miles per hour) is often used for wind strength.

④In the United States, temperatures are expressed in degrees Fahrenheit (℉).

⑤For other settings, select the display screen setting as necessary. How to set the unit How to set the unit How to change other settings

A list of other settings will be displayed at the bottom, so select the settings for the item as necessary.


  1. Wind Animation: Settings for the particle animation displayed on the map. Set by sliding the button left and right.
  2. Time Format: Select 12-hour format or 24-hour format.
  3. English Map Labels: When turned on, the place names on the map are displayed in English.
  4. Startup Layer & Location: Settings for weather information displayed when the app is opened or displayed in a browser.                                                                      The weather information of the current location is displayed by GPS, and the weather information of the location registered as a favorite is also displayed.
  5. Show latitude/longitude grid: Turn on to display latitude/longitude grid lines on the map.
  6. Display weather information up to 4 days ahead at startup: When turned on, the weather information for the starting position above is displayed, and when turned off, the weather information at the start is hidden.
  7. Direction display: Changed the display of the wind direction of the spot pin that appears when tapping on the map.
  8. Show all times in UTC: Allows you to change the time display to universal time. *UTC = Coordinated Universal Time
  9. Smooth satellite animation: When turned on, the satellite animation moves
  10. Language setting (language): Select the language to use.
  11. Delete all data from this device: Delete all data stored on windy.
  12. Notification settings: Settings for notification destinations for weather alarms.
  13. Change the background map: Display when the map is enlarged, the black one is the aerial photo display.


How to add a new layer “seawater temperature” to the menu screen

press the menu button⇒ Select other layers

②Select seawater temperature

③Colorized seawater temperature is displayed

How to add a new layer "seawater temperature" to the menu screen



How to add a new layer “atmospheric pressure” to the menu screen

①press the menu button ⇒Select other layers

② Select  ” pressure”

③If you select Isobar, the barometric contour will be displayed.

How to add a new layer "atmospheric pressure" to the menu screen


Altitude setting

By default, it displays surface weather information.By adjusting the altitude slider under the layer menu, you can display wind speeds above 900m, 1500m, 2000m, 3000m, 5500m.

Altitude sliders are visible only when the Wind, Temperature, and Humidity layers are visible.

Altitude setting


How to add to Favorites  Windy

You can register frequently visited places as favorites so that they can be displayed immediately, and search for places from the search window.

① Then the following screen will appear,  so tap ♡ mark and select Add to Favorites.

②Tap the ♡ mark (or profile icon) at the bottom right of the top screen to display the list.

③Favorite list

How to add to Favorites  Windy

Windy Gallery Select

Show gallery of available layers.

Press the menu button ⇒ Select More layers And then gallery button is displayed at the top.

When you press the gallery button, the display state of various weather information is displayed.

Animation moves when you hover your mouse over the thumbnail.

You can also add it to the quick menu from here.Windy Gallery Select



Windy  Expert mode

In standard mode, “swell”, “swell 2” and “sea temperature” are displayed under the item “wave”.

When you switch to expert mode, “swell”, “swell 2” and “sea temperature” will be displayed in the same hierarchy.

Expert mode is easy to use because you can select the weather information you want to display in one shot.

Windy  Expert mode

Expert mode is displayed at the bottom by pressing the menu button and selecting other layers.

Windy  Expert mode



Windy  Alert function

You can set up to receive alerts when any place has certain weather conditions.

Display the weather forecast for the place where you want to receive an alert, tap the ♡ mark displayed at the top of the main screen, and then select “Alert for this spot“.

Windy  Alert function


Windy Real-time web live camera

If you want to know detailed local information before you go out, check the images of live cameras in various places.

When you select “Webcam” from the menu, a camera icon will be displayed on the map, so select a camera near the place you want to move.

Windy Real-time web live camera 


Another way is to enter the location you want to check in the “search window” of the Home menu, and a thumbnail image of the nearby webcam will be displayed, so click it to display the image.

Windy Real-time web live camera



Windy How to add a webcam

You can also add and register webcams of places you want to check.

It is convenient because you can check the local webcam and weather conditions.

① Select “Webcam” from the menu, a camera icon will be displayed on the map, then click any icon to display the webcam image.

② Select Add new webcam at the bottom of the webcam image.

③ Enter the webcam page and image URL

Windy How to add a webcam

④Copy the webcam location from Google Map and enter the latitude and longitude.

⑤Enter additional information.

⑥Press the send button to complete

Windy How to add a webcam



Windy   Meteogram

When “Meteogram” is selected, temperature, dew point temperature, wind, and cloud cover/rainfall/convective rainfall by altitude (9km, 5km, 3km, 2km, 900m) are displayed in chronological list.
Therefore, you can see “weather” and “degree of cloudiness” at a glance.

*At ground level it is 1013hPa (1 atmosphere), and as the altitude increases by 1000m, the atmospheric pressure decreases by about 100hPa.At the summit of Mt. McKinley (6190m), the atmospheric pressure is about 394hPa.Windy   Meteogram

*Flight Level (FL) is one of the flight altitudes used in aviation.”FL” followed by a number in units of 100 feet.


Windy Airgram

Switch to [Airgram] in the menu at the bottom of the screen.
Temperature and wind strength by altitude are displayed visually.


The colors displayed represent the temperature at each altitude (expressed in hectopascals hpa). Temperature values are indicated by white numbers.

Windy Airgram

Wind speed and direction:
The length of the arrow indicates the wind speed. Long barbs are 10 knots and short barbs are 5 knots.

The wind direction is indicated by the long shaft. The shaft points in the direction the wind is blowing.

windy 風速風向

Sounding forecast

On the screen, click the right mouse button (on a smartphone, press and hold the screen) and select [Sounding].
Temperature and wind speed in the sky are displayed graphically. Click inside the graph to see the temperature and wind speed for that altitude. If you slide the date and time, the graph will change accordingly.


Sounding forecast

Windy    Comparing weather forecasts

In the PC version, you can compare various weather forecasts by pressing the “Compare” button on the bottom bar with the weather forecast displayed.
In the mobile version, when the weather forecast is displayed, slide the bar at the bottom and a button called “Compare” will appear.

The following weather forecasts are displayed.

The Global Forecast System (GFS) is a global numerical weather prediction system containing a global computer model and variational analysis run by the United States’ National Weather Service (NWS).

The European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) is an international organization established in 1975.Located in Reading, England.

Meteoblue (English: Meteoblue) is a weather service founded at the University of Basel, Switzerland. In 2006, the company started serving customers in the agriculture, solar and wind power sectors.

・ICON:An integrated weather forecast and climate model jointly developed by the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology and Germany’s National Weather Service, the German Weather Service (DWD).

It is possible to compare four types of weather forecasts.



The weather forecast app is a free app that visualizes weather information around the world and tells you the weather conditions at a glance.

Windy is a weather forecast app that allows you to avoid dangerous situations and enjoy safe and fun sports if you check before doing outdoor sports.

However, please do not overestimate and plan fishing trips, etc. based on weather forecasts on alone.

Please also check the public weather service and other weather forecasts to make a comprehensive judgment of the weather forecast.

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